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Malung – the leather Metropol

Welcome to a different world! A world filled with history, traditions and future.

Malung is a town in the beautiful part of Sweden called Dalecarlia. River, mountains, lakes and deep forests offer a wonderful variety of landscape. Four distinct seasons provide the citizens with the most various and interesting views.

Almost 1000 years ago with cold, strong winters and years of bad crop the poor yet creative citizens in Malung were forced to find their way of living. Necessity is the mother of invention. Out of the poverty the idea to develop their knowledge in dressing hides and produce leather clothing and garments became reality.

The leather knowledge (read science) has been inherited from generation to generation. The work with leather demands this very special feeling. When creating a leather jacket, you must have a great experience and skill. It takes a careful balance as to the leather quality, appearance of the grain, tints and structure. Every piece of leather is unique which demands deep knowledge as to material and feeling for shape and colour

It all started in a little red cottage by the edge of the deep forest. Per Gabriel Elfström and his wife Märta sat in their little cottage sewing leather jackets. In the barn there were three cows and a pig.
They were hired by an enterprise in the neighbour village. Every evening Per Gabriel took the ready-made jackets on his bike and cycled to his employer. He also brought home material for new jackets and a new day.

Per Gabriel was an energetic and enterprising man and started to search for his own customers. Now and then he sold one or two jackets on his own and as time went on he got orders enough for an own production.

In the year of 1938 the leather company PG Elfströms was established and registered. It took hard work and much sacrifice on Per Gabriel and Märta. Between the years of 1930 and 1949 they got five children to raise.

The company grew, people were employed and a son and a daughter became involved in the business.

The little read cottage was extended and became a large factory. A designer was hired and in an intimate cooperation with the skilled employees the company became soon the leading leather supplier not only in Sweden but also on the export market.

Spite of all machinery and modern equipment, the human hand stands behind every single garment. The leather business is thus a handicraft.